We could not be happier…

Originally, we had a bigger company take care of our wedding DVD, and it was a disaster! It seemed like they just found the relevant sections of the wedding and just put them altogether, without really doing any fine-tuned editing. Things like a glass dropping and dead time were still included. The music was also this awful electronic cheesy piano/saxophone background that I just couldn’t imagine listening to over and over throughout the years.

We contacted Shawn about editing since I liked one of his sample videos on his website and he had very reasonable prices. I sent him detailed notes about what we would love included, what we didn’t want in the video, and favorite songs that we thought would work with the video.

Shawn did a fantastic job incorporating my notes in his fine-tuned editing and used our musical choices too. He made brilliant decisions about the order in which to present reception events that didn’t necessarily go in chronological order. He also did a recap of the day, set to our song. We had funny interviews at the end of the night from our guests and he clearly had watched them all and made them even funnier than the original copy since he included some different parts. The editing came with several copies that we are now proudly sending out to family members. We could not be happier with our wedding DVD that we will now watch over and over throughout the years. Thank you, Shawn!

-Jackie M